permalinkGetting Started with PureScript

Here are a few resources to get started with PureScript. What is relevant for you depends on your background and your goals.

  • If you're new to functional programming, and want a structured approach, the books are a good place to start
  • If you're familiar with the programming language Haskell, then you should try to create an application and overcome any obstacles you encounter along the way
  • If you're new to programming overall, unfortunately, I don't know of any good resources to start out with PureScript and I would recommend learning another language first

permalinkLive Help

  • PureScript Discord - A great place to ask questions and get help. Everybody there is really nice and helpful


  • Try PureScript - A live online editor for the language
  • Pursuit - A search engine for PureScript types and libraries


permalinkOlder but nice


permalinkOlder but nice